Unified Communications

Communicate instantly over IP via voice, video, desktop sharing and more.

Contact and Collaborate with Unified Communications as a Service


UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) supports Enterprise Telephony and Collaboration features including voice, video, instant messaging, presence, web conferencing and mobility. It is ideal for customers that have a legacy PABX that needs replacing, or for customers that are looking for an easy way to deploy a suite of leading collaboration tools to their users.

Built for Business

Flexibility is key – you have the option to migrate to a hosted platform in phases or run a hybrid – part on premise, part hosted solution. All under a single service framework.

For your IT department, UCaaS provides a simplified IT management and a scalable platform.

End users get to access to the latest collaboration tools.

For your business, it’s smart money. You will have simplified and predictable expenses and have the option of rolling any upfront or one off expenses into your monthly payment.

Different members of your organisation will have different requirements. You can provide your staff different bundles of features based on their needs or ‘profile’. For example, some people are largely desk based and some are highly mobile and need to be contactable at all times.

Easier IT Management

With UCaaS, you have access to the latest features and functionality without having to manage upgrade and refresh cycles. Your applications are evergreen.

The responsibility of service management is handed over to Telebyte which means you don’t need to worry about business continuity planning or building redundant infrastructure.

You can control and manage your communications environment through a self-service portal, making changes easy and simple.

Business is never constant, there are always changes, for example market demand, seasonality, or your staffing level may change. UCaaS allows you to scale up or scale down as required in line with your business needs. You simply need to pay for the number of users you have connected.

The money makes sense

Because it’s a hosted solution, you don’t need to pay up front to ‘own’ the infrastructure required to run your collaboration or unified communications platform.

You can turn your capex into a per-user, per month ‘subscription-based’ model. Your costs will be more predictable.

Increased Productivity

Implementing UCaaS allows you to take advantage of a full suite of collaboration tools that can speed up and improve decision making and improve staff productivity. The platform allows you to manage staff on the move and staff wanting to bring their own device (BYOD).

Often unified communication can be burdened by solutions provided by multiple vendors, different technology at different sites and silos that get created by merger or acquisition or expansion. UCaaS allows you to create a common platform and a common user experience for your organisation.