SIP Trunking Voice Service

Simplify your corporate telephony for greater flexibility and scalability


SIP Trunking voice systems can reduce your total cost of telephone line ownership and save you significant amounts of money.  SIP service connects your IP PBX to the public telephone network over a single IP connection, and can help you converge voice and data networks and centralize your PBX.

Does your organisation have the telephony solution it needs?

SIP trunking telephony service which connects your IP PBX to the public telephone network, over a single IP connection. This simplifies the network and allows for greater flexibility and scalability.


SIP voice trunking service which connects your company’s IP PBX to the public telephone network (PSTN) over the internet so phones attached to the PBX can make and receive voice calls.

SIP Voice services provides a flexible, scalable and reliable telephony service.

  • Full voice functionality – supports standard telephony functions like Calling Line Identification,
  • Simple connectivity – Connect to PSTN via simple Ethernet SIP trunk connection, without mediation equipment. You can also replace multiple connections with a single one.
  • Scalable – Easily add voice channels as needed.
  • Standards-compliant – works with most IP PBXs.


  • Simplified connection to the PSTN – A simple Ethernet cable provides the connection from your IP PBX to SIP Voice and to the PSTN.
  • Reduced infrastructure – No need for mediation devices.
  • Converged voice and data connectivity – Use a single access for voice and data via internet, reducing total cost of ownership by removing the need for separate access connections for voice and data.
  • Enhance data traffic performance by utilizing idle voice bandwidth for data.

To find out more about how SIP Voice services can transform your business, contact your Telebyte Account Manager.