our values

At Telebyte, we have a set of core values that provide a behavioural framework for all employees, across all divisions.

Our values encourage our employees to act in a safe, responsible, caring and sustainable way when working with our customers, communities, and shareholders, guiding the way we conduct ourselves as a business, built around the strength of our people, at all times.

Our values are:


Safety is paramount and we believe all injuries are preventable. We will act to ensure the safety and environmental well-being of our customers, the public and ourselves.


We respect everyone’s contribution by working together to achieve common goals and project outcomes. Our sense of team extends to building long-term customer and community relationships for the benefit of all.


We encourage individuals and teams to take responsibility and ownership of the process, and the outcome, through decisive leadership and initiative.


Our business relationships are based on fair, open, and ethical principles. We take pride in the way we work with our customers and communities, the integrity of our services, and doing what we say we are going to do.


We recognise and reward outstanding achievement, and provide opportunity for our employees to develop and succeed. We create an environment for every team member to have a positive, enjoyable and rewarding work experience.

We see ourselves leading Canada’s Business Communications environment  in outstanding customer experience. In striving to achieve this, five core values guide us. These are: customer service, our challenger spirit, teamwork, integrity and personal excellence.

These Telebyte values form the foundation, and support our promise of making things possible for you. Our vision is to lead Canada in outstanding customer experience.

In striving to achieve this, five essential values guide our actions.

Customer Focus

  • Listen to and anticipate our customers’ needs.
  • Simplify the customer experience.
  • Treat each customer with dignity and respect.
  • Deliver quality products and services to grow and sustain customer value.
  • Satisfy our customers’ needs.


Challenger Spirit

  • Embrace change and challenge the status quo.
  • Continue break new ground and seek innovative ways to do business.
  • Take calculated risks to meet business goals.
  • Compete fairly and vigorously.
  • Stay resilient even in tough times.



  • Share information and resources across our teams, business units and companies.
  • Recognise, respect and value diversity in the team.
  • Value the contribution of each member of the team.
  • Encourage open discussion and commit to a shared position.
  • Consider how our actions impact the team and the group.



  • Honour commitments.
  • Take accountability and responsibility for our actions.
  • Treat everyone with dignity, fairness and respect.
  • Conduct business with the highest ethical standards.
  • Act in accordance with our core values.


Personal Excellence

  • Achieve results with a high standard of performance.
  • Take personal responsibility and actions for growth and development.
  • Recognise individual potential and contribution.
  • Maintain work and life harmony.
  • Actively seek feedback to improve our performance.
Unified Communications

When tools are integrated into a system that allows easy flow of communication among devices, it’s called unified communications and collaboration, or UCC.

Just as a line is the shortest distance between two points, unified communications allow businesses to make the fastest possible decisions and transactions. UCC allows users to communicate in whatever manner best suits their needs or situation. And the individual tools are interconnected so that access is streamlined and efficient.

Telebyte & Mitel offer industry-leading unified communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. All of our voice solutions can be expanded into full, feature-rich UCC solutions. And because we give you the option to run our powerful solutions on our hardware or on your servers through software, you can expand on your terms and your timing.

Telebyte & Mitel also offer voice and unified communication solutions as a service. Our cloud capabilities mean you can skip the hardware and servers altogether and instead subscribe to a UC system using our data centers. This means no long-term commitments or capital expenditures.

Our solutions are simple yet comprehensive and include core software, phones, headsets and robust applications such as contact center solutions and a suite of mobile capabilities. Our solutions adhere to industry standards, offer the highest reliability and unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

We made a significant change when we moved from our previous telephone vendor and service provider to Telebyte. We are located in three physical locations and chose to link our sites together in addition to upgrading the telephone systems at each site. We found the transition was expertly managed by the Telebyte team. We had no downtime in our transition which is incredible given the complexity of the project and the number of telephones that were deployed. The ongoing service and support provided by Telebyte has been outstanding with quick resolution to our requests

Saskatoon Community Clinic
Karen McClarty, Coordinator, Information Systems