In today’s flexible and fast-moving business environment, employees are never in one place for very long. They can be at the office, between appointments, on business travel or working from home or in a café. UNIVERGE 3C’s mobility solutions enable workers to stay connected and productive from any location. With adaptive clients that operate consistently across smartphones, tablets, and PCs, it enables anywhere, anytime access for increased efficiency and productivity and supports call control and UC features for mobile and remote workers.
Freedom to Move Mobile UC for Workers Anywhere.
• UNIVERGE 3C’s softphone turns a PC into a virtual business telephone. It works remotely without a Virtual Private Network allowing travelers to take their phone extensions with them and work from any location.

  • The UC Client works on a wide variety of mobile devices, tablets and laptops, to provide access to all features from any location at any time. iOS, Windows and Android operating systems are supported.
  • Call twinning extends a user’s reach by configuring multiple devices to ring at the same time.
  • UNIVERGE 3C optionally offers Fixed Mobile Convergence solution providing seamless roaming on and off campus.
  • Wireless LAN and IP DECT terminals are supported as IP clients to ensure that important calls are never missed while people are on the move.

UNIVERGE 3C is a powerful, all-in-one UC and Collaboration software services platform that operates across premise, cloud or hybrid environments.
With adaptive clients operating consistently across PCs, smartphones and tablets, it enables anywhere, anytime access for increased efficiency and productivity, supporting full call control and UC features for office as well as mobile and remote workers.
From the feature rich UC Client a user can control devices, set profiles, integrated Voicemail, check presence, IM, initiate video and create Collaboration meetings.
UNIVERGE 3C is a single business application that is easy to install, manage, upgrade and support and a natural fi t into enterprise virtualized IT infrastructures and data centers. A pure software solution  reduces complexity and cost, while comprehensive management tools support easy administration.
The highly reliable architecture ensures business continuity, while open, standards-based components enable interoperability and integration of communications into business processes.
UNIVERGE 3C runs on an off-the-shelf industry standard servers.
UNIVERGE 3C is a key element in NEC’s strategy towards Empowering the Smart Enterprise: optimizing business practices, driving workforce engagement and creating a competitive edge.