Data & Communications

Create secure and lasting connections.

As one of Western Canada’s leading structured cabling solutions provider, we don’t just deliver projects. We provide solutions. Drawing from extensive experience and vast knowledge, we’re able to go beyond ordinary to provide our customers with the very best solutions possible.

Telebyte can implement all types of structured cabling solutions, including stuctured, voice and data.

If you’re in the public or commercial sector, you’ll appreciate networks that are effective, economical and extremely secure due to the volume of sensitive information you handle. A high performing future-proof cabling system built specifically by Telebyte will help you accomplish this.

Some of the expertise we lend to your solution includes active equipment, data centre design, wireless access points, off-site prefabrication, patch panel management MATV, voice and data-structured cabling as well as testing and certification. For a fully integrated solution, we also undertake local and wide area audits as well as audits for cabling networking and infrastructure.

Our proficiency in data and communications has provided high assurance networks and secure facilities to major banks, blue chip companies and government departments. This assures you that your system will possess similarly high-level design, delivery and security.

You’ll also never have to spend another moment on unnecessary worry. We can create powerful platforms that’ll be in line with specifications, and your system will remain as robust tomorrow as it is today. For added assurance, we can even help customise your installation to include a 10-year product and application warranty.

Our data and communications services include:


  • Design and consultancy services
  • Voice and data structured cabling
  • Active equipment
  • Structured cabling network auditing
  • Infrastructure audits
  • Local and wide area audits
  • MATV and DAS cabling
  • Off-site prefabrication
  • Patch panel management
  • Testing and certification
  • Voice and data structured cabling
  • Wireless access points


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