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Monitoring and protecting your business with state of the art surveillance solutions.

Service Overview


We provide a range of high performing CCTV systems for both the retail and business sectors in Western Canada. Incorporating end-to-end CCTV monitoring is an effective way to augment for your existing alarm and fire systems. We have an established industry reputation for providing premium security solutions and customer service that sets the industry standard.

Our video surveillance systems cater for small businesses to high-end commercial buildings. Most of our video products feature digital IP – this enables you to clearly identify people and articles of interest in any situation.

Benefits of the CCTV Installation in Your Buildings and Organisationavigilon-hd-ptz-pendant-dome-camera-installed

  • Reduce vandalism with visible surveillance cameras and signs acting as a deterrent
  • Significantly cut employee theft with the knowledge of being viewed and recorded
  • Reduce the probability of theft and shop lifting
  • A reduction in break and enter due to the visual element of the security camera systems
  • Provide your organization the evidence it needs for any important litigation
  • Visual video recording of incidents that relate to work health and safety, including slips, trips, falls, breaks, threats and intrusion
  • Remote viewing of the building or workplace for monitoring, allowing flexible workplace arrangements
  • Ability to provide verification on alarms without costly patrols and alarm response personnel on the premises
  • Assist in determining the cause of and minimising compensation claims
  • Monitoring of employees can assist employees in ways to improve productivity and ways to improve safety, thus making a more efficient and safer workplace for all
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations in industries such as the financial services sector and liquor and gaming industries.

Custom Tailored Service Provisioning

No one CCTV video surveillance solution works for the security requirements of all organisations and building premises.

Following your initial enquiry, a Telebyte consultant will be able to discuss with you your security requirements and custom tailor a CCTV design for you.

Considerations that you need to think about when it comes to CCTV security surveillance systems for organisations include but are not limited to…




  • Do you require night vision?
  • Do the surveillance cameras need pan, tilt and zoom functionality?
  • Do the CCTV systems need high tolerance to reflection and glare
  • Is there a requirement to identify number plates with the cameras?
  • Is vandal resistant design required for high vulnerability areas?
  • Do you need a combination of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras
  • Will you be recording to a single local hard drive or multiple dispersed hard drives for increased security and redundancy?
  • Do you need analytics for facial recognition and similar software options?


The Components of a CCTV Solution


Once we have established an understanding of your organisation’s CCTV security requirements, a custom tailored design will be produced for you.

There are multiple components that make up well architected comprehensive professional security surveillance systems.  These vary for different sites and industries, but as a general rule they include components such as…






  • CCTV Architecture Design
  • A PC or Linux based Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • IP Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Cabinets & racks
  • Disk Storage
  • Cat 6 or Optical Fibre Cabling
  • Network and Power Over Ethernet (POE) Switches
  • Video Management Software (VMS)
  • Remote Viewing Software
  • Modem Router for remote viewing
  • Video Monitoring & Alarm Verification Services
  • Operator and User training
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Who is it for?

  • Commercial
    • Retail
    • Hospitals
    • Airports
    • Corporate Offices
    • Parking Lots
    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Strata
    • Shopping Centres
    • Schools & Educational Institutions 

Many of our clients have multiple locations or nationwide chains across Canada. 

Telebyte Experience in CCTV


The Telebyte team collectively has over 50 years’ experience in commercial CCTV design, installation, and maintenance.

We have designed and provided CCTV installation services for a number of clients, including retail chains; 24 hours gyms; strata and property management solutions; schools; shopping centres; hospitals; car yards; night clubs and hotels; retail shops; shopping centres; cafés and restaurants and much more.




Preventative Maintenance 

cctv-camera-3-300x156It’s imperative that all components of a CCTV security system are functioning at their optimal performance at all times to capture and record security incidents as they happen.

It is for this reason that we offer you, our clients, with preventative maintenance programs to suit the risk level you are working with.

Components of a preventative maintenance program include regular cleaning, testing and quality assurance.

Your Investment

No two properties’ CCTV design are 100% identical. This is why we design a custom tailored solution to match your organisation’s buildings, layout and security requirements.

The investment in your CCTV security system, design, installation and maintenance will vary depending on size and location. Following your initial enquiry, we will be able to provide you with a prompt consultation and proposal that meets your needs.

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