Avigilon DNA – A Success Story Made in North America

The global video surveillance market is growing rapidly. With this growth, manufacturing continues to be a crucial factor that influences a company’s ability to meet the demand for security solutions. Avigilon is proud to be a North American manufacturer of trusted security solutions. Our state of the art facilities in Richmond, British Columbia, and Plano, Texas ensure quality control and efficiency throughout the process. By manufacturing in North America we are better able to control every aspect of the process, while continually enhancing the customer’s experience. We have also accelerated the speed at which we are able to go from innovation, to prototyping to a final product, all due to the convenient location of our facilities.

From automated circuit-board assembly, to camera-unit assembly to Network Video Recorder provisioning – we do it locally. Our facilities provide direct access to the global markets we sell to, and we have benefited from a critical mass of developers, engineers and manufacturing expertise that help further our success. We continue to see tremendous growth ahead and we are ramping up our manufacturing processes to address the needs of our customers. As Avigilon Founder, President and CEO, Alexander Fernandes says, “we strive for excellence, simply put.”

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